Thursday, 25 October 2012

The inflatable shirt

Brief: Mitigating injuries from falls

Reserved Seating on the MRT

Brief: Ensuring that the elderly are able to seat on the reserved seats on the MRT

Floor Slips

Brief: Reducing the number of injuries suffered by the elderly from falls.

Automated Medication Dispenser

Brief: Ensuring that the elderly takes their medication, correctly, on time and in the right quantity

Adjustable Cupboard

Brief: Making shelvings and cupboards more accessible for the wheelchair-bound elderly

Hovercraft for the elderly

Brief: Rethinking private transportation options for the elderly


Brief: Designing a safer flooring for the elderly for water-prone areas

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Making food preparations safer

Brief: How to ensure that food preparations are safe enough for the elderly?

The Easy Wash

Brief: To redesign the laundry experience that caters best to the physical limitations of an elderly

A safer cutting experience

Brief: How do you make the experience of cutting food items a safer one for the elderly?

...for a better footwear

Brief: Redesigning the shoes to mitigate the physical tendencies of the elderly

Enhancing the public transport

Brief: Making the public transport system more elderly-centric

The 'Magic' cup

Brief: Making the task of holding and drinking from a cup an easy feat for both the young, and the old.